The Monopoly of Philosophy

The monopolistic realistic with words and deeds is sending the message with riddle and rhyme throughout all time and space in cyberspace. It’s not delirious but delivered with all seriousness. The originality within to conquer the code. The digits will rise with surprise and settle the score with an uproar. Think right and act upright use your brain and be sane. Follow the law and not the sound of hee haw. This way is the way to overcome the outcome. It started outside time and entered the realm. A universe converse to philosophize and monopolize!

Economic Warfare, Intellectual Battlefields and Mind Forces

Are you a force or a farce? The battles been raging in and out of cages. Will truth prevail and lies derail? The foundations construction must withstand the eruption from corruption. Integrity is key for any plea. We must face the music and overthrow all confusion. Establish and execute the plan with all might to win the fight and finish the race without disgrace. We must untangle the lies and enlighten the frightened. United we stand, divided we fall, do you hear the call of all?

The Imaginative Power of Idea and Force with Discourse

Let me begin to win, don’t sin. Keep it right with all might. Take my advice so you don’t lose the fight. The team is picking up steam and will gleam through the spectrum of the universal connection. Throughout the cosmos and dimensions there was a selection that made the most sense. The logic was real and spirit was the deal. To stay on trajectory was the course of projectory. Some call it slang but to others it rang. Since the game was created and sometimes overrated, you have to deal with the real and give them your schpeel. You have to make a living and should do that by giving. To make the right decisions will keep you in precision and stay on the course with force bringing morse. Code will arise in the skys oh so high and reach the center within and begin all again. The ouroboros will circle throughout time and in rhyme. Forsake all the fools and they’ll scatter like ghouls. Since you’ve heeded my warning they’ll be no need for scorning. I feel better already now let’s keep it steady. On the level we’ll reign now let’s keep it sane.

First Post On Marketing the Philosophy of 01

It’s time for some communication, this isn’t my first blog, but it is my first blog post on this blog. The whole site will be about marketing philosophies for different types of industry, but will will touch on various subjects along the way just to add a little uniqueness and style because I can. After all it is my blog and if you visit it you will read at your own risk. Everything is pretty much marketing and sales nowadays. At least in this economical system that we live in. You also need to make money, how much money depends on so many factors that are in your control, out of your control and everything in between. So let’s just philosophize all day, every day, and just about everything that comes to mind so we can keep it interesting. Because after all interesting is definitely interesting you will have to agree. If you don’t agree, it doesn’t really matter because it is still interesting. Well the first thing that comes to mind is mind. Mind is a pretty cool thing, in fact there are so many types of minds it will make your mind spin. If you don’t mind, I will share some thoughts that come to mind. First thought is this blog. Why did I start it? Why not? What am I writing about?  It’s time for another post on my host. Next post please…

The Wonder and Imagination of The Idea of Creative Force

The mystery, the awe, the inspiration and perspiration. The market online just took some time. To think out the box and wise as a fox. Don’t mistake the great within, the technology will take and has took take a look. There’s no denying or disputing those facts. So pick a niche, study and learn until it burns. Then let it out so you have all the clout. Watch the money roll in and just do it again.

Cosmic Wisdom and the Power of Knowledge Applied

The wisdom is cosmic and out of the norm that took the world by storm. I’m typing right now but will be dictating the Dragon on the blog out of the fog. It had to be different you see. All the stuff was so lame they wanted to be entertained. It needed some intellect to take effect. They were tired of the same who was to blame? The mundane and the insane. Don’t get me wrong you still need to work, make a living you see just not like me. I’m back at it again but not to my chagrin. Use the words as a force to penetrate the verse and eliminate the curse.

The Ping and The Pong All About The Digits

It started it’s course through the electricity grid. From household to business and back again. The control of the masses and few with the passes. It’s a struggle to win but there’s no other way what can I say. There’s a plan in the code and a code in the plan. Do you see how the word play can bring the light without fight? The mystery of words will baffle the few and spread to the masses because they didn’t have any passes. Are you catching the rhythm? Is it starting to make sense? It will, it does, understand the plan of the digits 01.